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Sollbruchstelle / Devil hides in doubt

(60 min, 2008, Documentary Film)

There is Franz, suing the company that has made him redundant after 40 years. Then, for nine months, he holds out in an empty office with nothing to do. There is Stephan who, for eight days and nights, sits on a chair that is part of a giant billboard. Selling yourself is sometimes the quickest way to pay your debts. There is Saskia, the high school graduate, learning how to create the perfect job application. There is Gunnar who is being taught that perceiving your own body, as a trademark is the key to success. Franz finally wins his lawsuit only to realise he has lost all the same. DEVIL HIDES IN DOUBT is a film about the emotional push and pull of work, its demands and absurdities, and the struggle for fulfilment.

Festivals & Awards

  • Advancement Award, German Television Award Deutscher Fernsehpreis
  • Advancement Award 32th DUISBURGER FILMWOCHE
  • Prize of the Insurances DOKUMENTART
  • Special Mention 39th VISIONS DU RÉEL
  • Nomination Golden Key 25th Kassel Documentary & Video Festival
  • Nomination Documentary Prize and book presentation "Werkstattberichte Dokfilm" with Pepe Danquart 6th HAMBURGER DOKFILMWOCHE
  • Official Selection 46th Viennale int'l film festival
  • German Competition 51th Int'l documentary film festival DOKLeipzig
  • Official Selection TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Festival
  • Official Selection 26th TFF Torino Film festival
  • Official Selection 16. Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet
  • Official Selection 5th PLANETE DOC REVIEW FF
  • Official Selection 19th FILMKUNST FEST SCHWERIN
  • Official Selection DOKFILMFEST MÜNCHEN
  • Official Selection 5th DOCVILLE LEUVEN
  • Official Selection CROSSING EUROPE LINZ
  • Official Selection 27th FILMFESTIVAL OF URUGUAY
  • Official Selection 20th ANKARA INT'L FILM FESTIVAL
  • Official Selection and post film discussion with Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Helen Hughes, LIDF LONDON INT'L DOCUMENTARY FILMFESTIVAL
  • Official Selection ONE WORLD PRAGUE
  • Official Selection 7th FESTIVAL DE DROITS DE L'HOMME PARIS

» A film poem about the sadness of modern men. Witty, caring, wonderful. «

(Falter, Maya McKechneay)

» A self-willed, powerful essay on the abysses of the working society. «

(Taz, Stefan Reinecke)

» An accurate snapshot of the current working world. «

(Freitag, Matthias Dell)

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