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Field Trip

(90 min, 2019, Interactive Documentary)

Field Trip is an open source documentary about an unconventional place: Tempelhof Field - an airfield in the heart of Berlin metropolis. Field Trip tells the story of what, for some, is a 300 hectare free urban paradise, for others a place of forced labour, and for yet more a safe haven. By using the technique of open hypervideo and intense on-site and online community development, Field Trip aims at becoming a living documentary.

Festivals & Awards

  • Medienprofi Förderung Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg (MIZ)
  • Förderung Rudolf Augstein Stiftung
  • Förderung Stiftung Checkpoint Charly
  • Förderung Stifung Luftbrückendank
  • Medienkooperation Tagesspiegel
  • Kooperation mit Topographie des Terrors, Albert Schweizer Gymnasium, Aliiertenmuseum, Dokzentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit
  • Workshop and Presentation at Digital Cultures Warsaw
  • Presentation at C5C3 Chaos Communication Conference
  • Presentation at Wolf Kino Berlin
  • Presentation at Citylab Berlin

» We are confident that Field Trip has the potential to become a best practise and future point of reference when it comes to interactive film. «

(BBC R&D (Research & Development), Phil Stenton)

» I would further argue that interactive film is the only way to document the complexity of the Tempelhof Field. «

(mozilla, Brett Gaylor)

» Das Konzept birgt viel Potential für grundsätzliche Neuerung im Bereich der künstlerischen Forschung. «

(Merz Akademie, Martin Fritz)

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