Films & Events

All by Marseille / Tout contre Marseille

(35 min, 2019, Documentary)

The film "All by Marseille" looks at the influence of urban architecture on social encounters in Marseille. Twelve inhabitants are portrayed living and working in three locations around the city, capturing different periods in time and approaches tackling this topic. During filming a number of residential buildings in the city centre collapsed, reflecting how communal living is being endangered by aggressive gentrification.

Festivals & Awards

  • Screened at XIII. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival
  • Screened at FIDBA - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires
  • Screened at Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa 2021
  • Screened at Center for Architecture Camp / Praha “Ethnic markets in Prague and Marseille”
  • Screened at La Friche Belle de Mai / Marseille, "Temps for Freiraum”
  • Screened at „Zum Stand der Freiheit in Europa“ ZK/U Berlin
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