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Moments of Movement

(70 min, 2016, VJ-Performance with live Music and Tap Dance)

"Moments of Movement" tells stories of steps. Mundane steps to a Tokyo supermarket, a Berlin metro station, or an Istanbul ferry; and significant steps that change biographies, move populations around the world, and seek new ways. Right now, more people are on the road than ever before - 60 million souls looking for security and a better future. "Moments of Movement" raises important questions to scrutinise the freedom or bondage of our own steps, to challenge media images with personal stories, and contrasting personal moments with the pictures of faceless masses on the move. With this work, Berlin filmmaker Eva Stotz and Amsterdam tap dancer Marije Nie build on a successful cooperation in Istanbul. In summer 2013 they created One Million Steps - a film on the movement in the Gezi parc. Now Eva Stotz focused on another movement in the city. In a film workshop she taught refugees to make films about their decisive steps. These films, combined with the visually stunning and global film archive of Eva Stotz, interact with the virtuosic and evocative rhythms of Marije Nie, supported by various musicians in the different locations of performance. The performance was since then adjusted each time to the location. In Ulm, new elements where shot in a nearby German village, were we looked at the stage of understanding of locals and newcomers. The performance was names "Moments of Movement - Moments of Arrival". In November 2017 the performance got invited to be the opening ceremony of the Screendance festival "Light Moves" in Limerick, Irland. For the first time, historical images of refugee movement were added, and the performance renamed to "Moments of Movement - Now and Then".

Festivals & Awards

  • PERFORMED at Stadthaus Ulm, Funded by Kulturamt Ulm
  • Opening Performance Light Moves Festival Limerick

» Your performance so very inspiring for me - I would love to be part of the project! «

(Singer and Actress, Şevval Sam)

» Grosses Kompliment zu dem Abend! Ich war skeptisch, zumal ich eigentlich Stepptanz nicht besonders mag. Ihr habt mich diesbezüglich eines Besseren belehrt! «

(Leiter des Goethe Instituts, Istanbul, Christian Lüffe)

» Oft scheitern Künster daran die Kraft der Realität in einem Kunstwerk zu fassen. Du hast über einzelne Schicksale gesprochen und es entstand dennoch ein starkes Gefühl für ein ganz grosses Thema. «

(Theatre director and Filmmaker, Hakan Savaş Mican)

» The evening meant a lot to me as a refugee myself. Finally those „refugees“ where highlighted in a way that everyone can relate to. I wish this performance to happen in every city of the world! «

(Programmer, Aws Jubair)

» Sehr berührend und ergreifend! «

(Komponist, Stefan Linienkämper)

» It‘s not clear where the screen starts and stage ends. Decomposed video, dance and music touch each other in different dimensions and reappear as a unique and new kind of performance! «

(Filmemaker and Comedian, Ufuk Arica)

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