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Five week workshop



This course focuses on documentary film as a discrete type of art. Through the 5 weeks you will learn to focus on the important aspects in documentary film-making, doing effective research and how to stay in budget. Each night there will be challenging exercises and examples shown from films as well as a “homework” assignment for all students.

Course content

Requirements for participation

This course is suitable for complete beginners and intermediate levels. Camera and editing gear is needed - but this can start with a snartphone with a videooption and an editing app

» As much information as could possibly be displayed in five sessions. And amazingly we still took time to discuss each other’s ideas. Thank you for your guidance and generosity! «

Anne Condé, Spring 2014

» This course was eye and heart opening. Eva explains filmmaking as a making way of storytelling whilst also focussing on the practicalities. It gave me a fresh momentum to structure my ideas and provided me with a great foundation for independent filmmaking. «

Halea Isabella Kala, Spring 2015

» A great insight into the world of filmmaking by a filmmaker who really knows her stuff. Stotz' professionalism and interest in people's ideas definitely made this course special. «

Giulia Hatton, Spring 2015

Please get in touch for more information on conditions and requirements. I'm looking forward to working with you!